Hello, I m Dave Walker and I welcome you to the Welding Mate!

Founded in 2020 by Dave Walker, The Welding Mate has come a long way from its beginnings in Newyork, currently located in Washington.

The Welding Mate’s main focus is writing quality content to help welders in enhancing their welding knowledge and skills by keeping them updated with welding technological innovations.

Besides, we also review welding equipment by testing them under different scenarios to make sure whatever you buy is totally worth your money.

Our Team

Dave Walker – Founder

CEO theweldingmate.us

A professional welder for the last ten years. I made many mistakes in my welding journey and learned from them daily. Now, as a senior welder, I am responsible for sharing my whole journey with the youngsters new in the field or the learning phase. I would try my best to share the best of my knowledge.

Keeping visiting our website often, as we are constantly updating our content to help you excel in your welding career.

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Dave Walker
The Welding Mate