Best AC DC TIG Welders for the Money

Best AC/DC TIG Welders for the Money 2023 – Reviews

As a welder, I often encounter metal contamination and electrode corrosion issues that might require replacement. Thereby leading to high maintenance costs. The TIG welders are expensive as they utilize advanced technology and argon gas to ignite the arc and prevent contamination. So, additional maintenance mostly over-strains the budget.

However, with sound knowledge and careful research, one can easily find various budget-friendly multipurpose options in the market. Thus, I have come up with a list of the 10 best AC/DC TIG welders for money that are durable and possess long life due to corrosion resistance properties. If you don’t know the difference between AC and DC welders, here’s what you should look at first.

10 Best AC/DC TIG Welders for the Money




Torch Control



Dual Voltage

2. Lotos TIG 200A AC/DC Pulse Welder


High-frequency pilot

3. Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD


Precise foot pedal

4. AHP AlphaTIG Tig/Stick Welder



5. LOTOS TIG Aluminum Tig Welder


Heat control

6. Lincoln Electric Square Wave


Wide amperage range

7. 2021 Everlast PowerTIG 200DV ACDC


Effortless assembly

8. Forney 235 AC/DC Stick Welder






10. Everlast PowerTIG 185DV




  • 3-year warranty
  • Metal foot pedal
  • Effortless torch control


  • Flowmeter issues

PRIMEWELD TIG Amp IGBT TIG Welder is our top choice when searching for a budget-friendly yet performance-oriented product. It is versatile and possesses some unparalleled attributes.

Thus, you can use it for years without worrying about damage or inefficiency. In addition, it is capable of generating relatively high amperage, which offers a smooth and fast output compared to its other counterparts.

We loved the 100 percent duty cycle achieved at 108 amps, which enabled us to weld through metal substances without difficulty. Thereby making it a suitable choice for a diverse range of consumers. You can also clean the weld puddle with the help of the amplified frequency offered by the system.

This, coupled with the remarkable adjustment, dual-volt input, and exceptional accessories, impart five stars to its abilities and make it stand out among the others of its kind. This version of the Primeweld TIG welder possesses mind-blowing attributes that make it highly popular among users and are the reason for its high market demand.

PRIMEWELD TIG Amp IGBT TIG Welder is incorporated with advanced inverter technology with pulse width modulation. This enables it to achieve maximum efficiency without difficulty, and when used with a precise foot pedal, it contributes to the reduction in heat generation. Lastly, the model is durable and is not prone to damage due to external factors.


In-depth Review: Read More Here

2. Lotos TIG 200A AC/DC Pulse Welder


  • Advanced cooling system
  • Automatic dual voltage
  • Incredible durability


  •  Lacks argon regulator

Lotos TIG 200A AC/DC Pulse Welder never fails to amaze us with its high-quality construction and unrivaled performance, which makes it the best AC/DC welder for the money. Featuring both AC/DC inputs, it performs exceptionally well when welding thin sheets of aluminum, stainless steel, and other metallic objects.

The digital control pulse coupled with the 60% duty cycle allows you to weld continuously for 6 minutes without worrying about overheating. Thereby enabling you to achieve maximum efficiency without exerting much effort. Apart from this, high-frequency start offers user-friendliness and is suitable for personal and commercial applications.

We encourage you to consider this a potential option if you are looking for budget-friendly TIG welders for daily use. Furthermore, the remarkable heat control is attributed to the AC balance and precise foot pedal. Both these factors combine to reduce the amount of heat generated by the system. Thereby preventing it from overheating in the long term. Finally, a stable arc can be generated thanks to the inclusion of hot start technology and advanced arc force.

Lotos TIG 200A AC/DC Pulse Welder is highly popular among a wide variety of consumers and is versatile. It allows setting 10 different parameters at the beginning, which can be adjusted to your requirement. Thereby relieving you from the hassle of manually changing the parameters for different tasks.


3. Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD


  • High-frequency pilot
  • Exceptional flow for cleaner welds
  • Professional design


  • Not the best current knob

Weldpro Digital TIG Welder is a user-friendly product available at an extremely reasonable price range across the market. Thus, it is affordable for many. Similar to its previously mentioned counterpart, this model also uses dual-volt input power to operate and thus, features both AC and DC TIG.

These attributes not only increase its versatility but also improve its overall performance to a great extent. Furthermore, the alternate current can be adjusted from 30 to 70 percent, depending on the requirement. This helps clean the aluminum oxidation and later contributes to exceptional welding abilities. Hence, the welder can penetrate various surfaces, including stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals.

To our surprise, a CK17 torch with a flex head has also been incorporated into the system, which can be upgraded upon requirement. Similarly, the 2T/4T switch is another integral component and is often used as the torch lock. So, you do not need to hold the torch during long sessions. Instead, just lock the torch and get the task done.

Weldpro Digital TIG Welder offers a wide current amperage, enabling you to perform efficiently in various conditions. Furthermore, the high-frequency arc setting secures the electrode against unwanted contaminants. Thereby increasing its average life span to a great extent.


4. AHP AlphaTIG Tig/Stick Welder


  • Budget-friendly
  • Multipurpose
  • Precise foot pedal


  • Not the best knobs

AHP AlphaTIG Tig/Stick Welder, as the name indicates, is a multiprocessor machine that can be used for a variety of other activities apart from TIG welding. This versatility enhances its abilities to a great extent and makes it stand out among the others of its kind. If you want a multipurpose tool at a reasonable price, this model of AHP Alpha welder is our ultimate recommendation.

Manufactured using high-quality components, it is sturdy and will not get damaged easily. Thus, you can use it for years with little regard for inefficiency. This unit’s highlighting characteristic is the user-friendly LCD screen, which is user-friendly and perfect for beginners. This allows novice users to operate it effectively and achieve the best results.

Similarly, the advanced inverter technology incorporated into the system works with pulse width modulation and improves its overall abilities. We observed that the welder could easily weld through thin stainless steel and aluminum sheets in the minimum time. The time efficiency is due to the high-frequency start, which leads to the formation of a stable arc compared to other starting processes.

AHP AlphaTIG Tig/Stick Welder has a 100% duty cycle at 150A, which is an ideal case. In practical situations, you can achieve up to a 60% duty cycle at 200A. This means that you can operate it for 6 minutes continuously without overheating. Thus, it is perfect for personal as well as industrial use.


5. LOTOS TIG 200


  • Durable
  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Lack of instructions

LOTOS TIG Aluminum Tig Welder is another outstanding product developed under the LOTOS store. It can be used to weld various substances, including aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium, and related metallic objects. More efficient than other LOTOS models, it possesses 80% efficiency and can be operated for 8 minutes in one cycle before it begins heating.

The maximum amperage the system can reach is around 200, which is compatible with both AC and DC inputs. You can use either one depending on the requirement and time efficiency. Most users prefer AC input as it is associated with AC balance which is capable of keeping the heat generated by the unit in control.

Similarly, a stable arc can be achieved with the help of a high-frequency start which is the most straightforward starting process of all. All these attributes, coupled with precise heat control, enhance the performance of the welding machine and keep the heat under control. Thus, safeguarding it against overheating in the long term.

LOTOS TIG Aluminum Tig Welder is an extraordinary machine available at a highly reasonable price range across the market. Moreover, the adjustable hot striking current improves the arc stability and makes it suitable for different types of electrodes, including acidic and alkaline.


6. Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG Welder


  • Improved heat control
  • Incredible regulator
  • Hassle-free cleaning


  • Foot pedal only

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG Welder is another extraordinary product included in the list of best AC/DC TIG welders for money. We highly recommend it to those looking for budget-friendly and time-efficient TIG welders. The highlighting attribute of this model is its portable nature which enables you to carry it around from one place to another easily.

Hence, enhancing its suitability for a wide variety of users, including artists, fabricators, craftsmen, etc. Like others on the list, this one is compatible with AC and DC amperage and can weld effortlessly through complex metallic objects, including aluminum and stainless steel.

Another prominent attribute of this welder is the smooth metal deposition which is attributed to the inclusion of a pulse signal system. This helps welding with extreme precision and accuracy and adds five stars to its overall performance.

The pulse modulation is also significant and is associated with cleaning weld puddles after the work is done. Finally, the frequency can also be adjusted for various purposes and offers ease of usage in the long term.

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG Welder is renowned for its superior construction and top-notch attributes, which imparts durability to its surface and protects it from getting damaged in various conditions. This, coupled with a three-year warranty, relieves you from the concerns of accidentally damaging it. Therefore, making it our ultimate recommendation for daily use.


7. 2021 Everlast PowerTIG 200DV ACDC 


  • Wide amperage range
  • Extraordinary durability
  • Foot pedal for better control


  • Requires TIG cooler

EverlastPowerTIG Welder 200DV stands out among the rest of its competitors and is our ultimate recommendation to all beginners out there. It is well-distinguished among others in terms of quality construction and unrivaled performance attributes. We ensure you can achieve an extremely stable arc without exerting much effort, thanks to the high-frequency start of the tool, just like its predecessors.

As it is an AC/DC welder, it can be operated with both inputs and displays remarkable efficiency in welding a variety of substances, including aluminum and stainless steel. In addition, magnesium sheets can be welded using the specified model with a maximum power delivery of 250A. Manufacturers also encourage you to use it for other industrial applications without worrying about performance inefficiency or damage.

Furthermore, the incredible AC balance keeps the heat generated by the system under control and prevents it from overheating after continuous use. Last but not least, it also provides hassle-free protection against the harmful gas generated from welding. This is attributed to the ultimate pre and post-flow gas control embedded in the welding machine.

EverlastPowerTIG Welder is durable and is not prone to damage due to external factors. Thus, it has a longer-than-average lifetime and can be used for years without significant issues. Moreover, the arc force control contributes to improved arc performance and leads to the reduction in spatter.


8. Forney 235 AC/DC Stick Welder


  • Effortless assembly
  • User-friendliness
  • Durable


  • Knobs require improvement

Forney 235 AC/DC Stick Welder is the least expensive option on the list of the best AC/DC TIG welder for the money. This extraordinary machine is compatible with  AC and DC inputs and can be used for various purposes. Using the Forney TIG welder, you can use them for industrial and personal use and thin weld sheets of aluminum, stainless steel, and other metallic objects.

Apart from this, it offers hassle-free assembly, and you can organize the whole equipment together within minutes. We also admire the machine’s user-friendly interface and design, making it ideal for beginners and experts. Furthermore, the electrode is covered with a protective coating which protects it against corrosion and extends its average life to a great extent.

The additional accessories available with the main package are one of a kind. They include ground cable and clamps, power cord, and electrode holder, which can be used depending on the requirement. We encourage you to consider it a potential option if you are looking for performance-oriented yet cost-efficient welding machines.

Forney 235 AC/DC Stick Welder is second to none in terms of performance and efficiency. It is constructed using high-quality materials and is not prone to damage due to external factors. Furthermore, it reduces heat generation and protects the system against overheating. Hence, increasing its average life to a great extent.

“Just received this welder, but ups did not handle the weight so good. One corner is completely smashed. It says all over the product in yellow tape excised 70 lbs. if you can not handle more than 70 lbs, don’t lift. Find someone who can. $500 plus dollars damage because of ignorance..
Great product but bad delivery.”(Amazon Customer Review)




  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ease of use
  • Well-designed


  • Lacks dual voltage

CANAWELD TIG AC DC Welder is our ultimate recommendation to those who prefer durable and performance-oriented products at an extremely reasonable price range across the market. It is a tough competitor to some well-built top-notch units and can be used for various applications.

In addition, the exceptional tool can weld aluminum and stainless sheets without difficulty and ensures the best output with minimum effort. This is because of the inclusion of the high-frequency start, which allows you to generate a stable arc in the minimum time. Similarly, various parameters can be pre-set in the system for hassle-free operation.

These parameters include pre-flow, slope-up, base current, pulse frequency, cater arc current, and much more. Apart from this, you can also operate the welder in stick mode, achieving an additional advantage over its competitors. The electrodes are covered with a protective coating which safeguards them against corrosion and ensures excellent results.

CANAWELD TIG AC DC Welder is an extraordinary option admired by many consumers. It utilizes both AC and DC inputs and possesses incredible heat control abilities. Thus, you do not need to worry about excessive heat generation, which might lead to damage or inefficiency in extreme cases.


10. Everlast PowerTIG 185DV AC/DC 


  • Effortless assembly
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive


  • Lacks foot pedal

EverlastPowerTIG AC/DC TIG Stick Welder is a lightweight and portable welding machine that can be carried around from one place to another without difficulty. We recommend it for heavy-duty welding applications where common units might not display an incredible result.

Due to its high duty cycle and efficiency, it can weld various materials, including stainless steel, magnesium, and aluminum sheets, in a minimum time.

Furthermore, it is available with a 5-year warranty on parts and equipment, and thus, you can be relieved from the concerns of accidentally damaging it. The precise foot controller and the AC balance help in heat control, which safeguards it against overheating.

The electrode is also incorporated with protective layers that contribute to the reduction in corrosion and ensures that you can achieve the desired results without any inconvenience.

The ability to work with AC and DC inputs enhances its versatility and makes it suitable for most consumers. We regard it as one of the top welding machines available in the market, especially on a limited budget. We assure you will not feel disappointed with this purchase.

EverlastPowerTIG AC/DC TIG Stick Welder is integrated with an argon regulator that controls the amount of harmful gas produced by the system. Furthermore, it also reduces the amount of argon gas released into the atmosphere. Thereby safeguarding you against health issues, especially if you have been using it for a long time.


Factors to Consider While Looking for the Best AC/DC IG Welder for the Money

Various factors must be addressed while looking for the best AC/DC TIG welders, especially when the price is the determining factor. You should look for materials of construction that are durable yet inexpensive and can last for a long time before displaying the signs of wear and tear.

Best AC DC IG Welder for the Money
Infographic: Best AC DC TIG Welder for the Money

Furthermore, you should also sincerely consider the purpose of purchasing the object and make the most feasible choice. To aid you in the process, we have come up with a detailed buying guide that addresses all the necessary components and questions in this regard. So, keep reading the article below for more information.

Purpose of Purchase

First and foremost, the reason for purchasing a TIG welder is extremely important. Once you have identified the usage, you can narrow down the choices regarding their efficiency and features and select the most appropriate and budget-friendly item for yourself. You can use the welder to work thin metal sheets or repair bike frames.

Worker welding metal piping using tig welder
Image Credit: arhendrix, istockphoto

They are often used as an alternative to MIG welders in many applications, and there is negligible heat control in the latter, which might result in burning. We advise looking for units with tungsten electrodes with enhanced protection against contaminants. This can extend the average life of the electrode and prevent it from getting corroded.

Multi-processor Welders

We highly recommend using multi-process welders as they can provide you with multiple advantages and increased versatility in the minimum price range. This will help you cut down the cost of different items and improve performance efficiency. AC/DC welders with dual voltage input and tools with plasma cutter abilities of MIG functionality along with the traditional TIG abilities are some prominent examples of multi-processing machines.

AC/DC Functionality

Although aluminum can be welded with DC, is mostly advised experts always use an alternate current while welding aluminum. Thereby confusing the beginners regarding the appropriate approach to welding the substance.

We recommend choosing an AC/DC tool compatible with both amperages. Where you can use both AC and DC depending on the requirement. The reason for using an alternate current for welding aluminum is the high-frequency pulses that keep the weld puddle clean for longer intervals.

Thereby offering hassle-free maintenance and user-friendliness. Besides this, AC balance can also help keep the heat under control so that the object does not overheat because of continuous use. Most AC/DC TIG welders are available at highly reasonable prices across the market. Some common examples include Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG Welder and Weldpro Digital TIG Welder.

Duty Cycle Rating Matters

It is essential to check the duty cycle rating before making a decision. Along with this, the output power generated for that specified percentage should also be carefully considered. You might be wondering what is the duty cycle. A duty cycle is a percentage of time (10 minutes maximum) when a welder can successfully operate the machine before it overheats.

A product with a duty cycle of 50 percent means that it can operate continuously for 5 minutes before displaying sign of overheating. After excessive heat starts generating, you might have to stop your work and rest for some time to let it cool down. However, it wants to remind you that the duty cycle percentage has nothing to do with the unit’s price.

Despite their high price, we have seen many top-end well-built machines with little duty cycle percentage. Alternatively, inexpensive, low-built welders might offer a higher percentage. So, you should carefully choose the model you will purchase after thorough research.

Scratch Start

Scratch start is mainly related to low-budget welders and is perfect for stick welding. The users must scratch the TIG tungsten, which leads to an arc formation. Similarly, they must be careful and lift it away to a certain extent to protect the arc, preventing it from sticking simultaneously.

However, the process might be difficult and time-consuming. We recommend going for it if you want to cut down on the additional costs incurred on high-quality products. Similarly, beginners can also benefit from this technique as it can build up their foundation for TIG welding, which is ideal for skilled users.

High-Frequency Start

You might have observed in the product mentioned above reviews that most AC/DC TIG welders feature a relatively easier way to start the arc. Various metallic objects can be effortlessly welded with the help of a trigger which is pressed when the electron is placed near them.

We advise you to purchase a tool associated with a high-frequency start if available within a reasonable price range. Recently, various hybrid tools have been introduced into the market that features high frequency and lifts start. The appropriate start can be chosen for arc formation, depending on the requirement.


Last but not least, the price comes above all, especially if you plan to purchase a tool that falls under your budget range. Most consumers ignore the significance of price and often spend more than they thought. We encourage you to list all the units that fall under a specific price range and then compare them based on other attributes. This way, you will find the best option for yourself without overspending. Thereby attaining the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are TIG welders so expensive?

TIG welders are one of the most expensive welding products available in the market. The reason for their high price is related to their high-quality construction and the use of Argon gas. The Argon is used for initiating and stabilizing the arc and also reduces the contamination of the molten metal.

What is the difference between TIG and MIG welders?

TIG welders are more efficient and expensive than their MIG counterparts. The former is slower. However, it delivers a pure and clean performance output. The latter is faster and might not be as accurate as its TIG counterpart. However, it also reduces contamination and can be used as an alternative to TIG welders.

Can All TIG welders weld aluminum?

Yes, all types of TIG welders can weld aluminum sheets. Although it is easier to use those that involve DC input, manufacturers recommend going for AC input as it can control heat to a great extent due to the presence of AC balance. Furthermore, it also keeps the weld puddle clean and reduces the chances of contamination.

Wrapping Up

If you are on the quest to search for performance-oriented, durable, and multipurpose TIG welders but do not have much money to purchase costly ones, then you might want to consider the items mentioned above. We have specifically included machines that are not only cost-efficient but also lead to a reduction in overheating and contamination. After careful analysis, the following are our top three recommendations.

PRIMEWELD TIG Amp IGBT TIG Welder because of the precise foot pedal, dual voltage, high-frequency start, high duty cycle, effortless torch control, and versatility.

Lotos TIG 200A AC/DC Pulse Welder due to advanced cooling system, automatic dual voltage, high duty cycle, hassle-free heat control, and precise foot pedal.

Weldpro Digital TIG Welder for its high-frequency pilot, professional design, enhanced versatility, dual voltage, CK17 torch, and proper heat control.

So, practice your TIG welding skills using these high-quality TIG welders at a low price.

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