ER70S2 vs ER70S6

ER70S2 vs ER70S6 – Deep Analysis and Comparison

A welding wire is used to produce an arc to fuse metal pieces. You can perform different kinds of welding like MIG welding or TIG welding with high-quality wire. A good welding wire offers excellent versatility, compatibility, and durability at a low price.

Types of Welding Wires

In general, welding wires are of three types. First is GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) wire, which forms an electric arc to carry the process. The second is Composite (GMAW) Metalcore wire, which is filled with metallic powder and arc stabilizers, impacting the overall performance strength. The third is FCAW (Flux Core Arc Welding) wire which produces shielding gas, preventing the weld from impurities.

In today’s market, there is a comparison going on between ER70S2 vs. ER70S6; both are heavy-duty products but do have some differences. This blog will discuss these two in detail to decide which one is better and why. So let’s dig in!

ER70S2 vs. ER70S6

Undoubtedly, the ER7OS2 and ER70S6 are highly compatible yet reliable wires which will transform your welding experience fantastically. But we are here to discuss these both items individually to address the difference. By the end of this discussion, we’ll discuss which one is more appropriate.

What is ER70S2?



  • Suitable for MIG/TIG welding
  • Boasts better yielding
  • Low spatter
  • Moral tensile strength
  • High density


  • Less compatible for filthy surfaces

The ER70S2 is a tri-deoxidized welding wire designed to deal with carbon (C) and Carbon – Manganese steel materials. It offers excellent compatibility because of its high-class tensile strength. Please don’t fret about these terminologies; I’ll explain them further. In short, ER70S2 is in demand because of its remarkable performance and versatility.

Supported Processes

The ER70S2 is also known as TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding wire. TIG is a popular welding type in which long rods are used to join metals together, and this welding type is best dealing with steel, nickel alloys, Chromoly, magnesium, bronze, aluminum, brass, and gold. I found this welding process great for bike frames and door handles.

Besides, it is also compatible with MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding. MIG welding is applied for thick metals because it has improved speed and performance comparatively. The ER70S2 wire acts as electrode and filler material in MIG welding, causing little production cost and fast action. In particular, I found MIG welding great for large-scale projects where you’ve to deal with thicker materials.

What is ER70S2

Tensile Strength

In physics, you might have heard that the tensile strength of any material is the stress amount. The definition is the same in the case of welding wire; tensile strength is the amount of stress that a wire can withstand without being torn. Here, by stress, we mean pulling or stretching a welding wire during the process. It is measured in Pound force per square inch, short to Psi.

The ER70S2 comes with 78000 Psi tensile strength, which is remarkable. This value makes the wire extremely strong for most of metals, including steel. For your information, every metal has a different tensile strength value standardized by the American Welding Center.

What is ER70S2


The yield or yield strength is defined as the maximum allowable weight or stress. It is different from the term tensile strength. The yield strength is the amount of stress a material can withstand without being deformed permanently. On the other hand, tensile strength is the amount of force that a substance can withhold while being pulled or deformed.

The yield strength of ER70S2 is 60,000 Psi which is again quite promising. I used this wire for various works and found it compatible. It cannot get stretched easily; thus, I suggest it for large-scale works too. However, if you’re a beginner, then seek a guide before use.


The density or weight of a welding wire also needs consideration. If your wire is too dense or thick, it will require more force (amount of current) to work. A thick wire is slower than a thin one. If you’re a hobbyist, you can go for a mediumly thick wire; otherwise, thin wires are recommended for significant work. The ER70S2 comes with 0.283 Lbs./in3 density, which is good enough and facilitates fast working.


Price is also a matter of concern for most buyers. In my opinion, affordability is imperative, meaning you should pay for what you’re getting. The ER70S2 is not a cheaper wire but is value for money. It is a particular item that gives you mind-blowing performance and will eventually improve your welding experience.

What is ER70S6?



  • Great wetting action
  • Compatible with MIG/TIG welding
  • Deal with contaminated surfaces
  • Better Puddle flow
  • Good tensile strength


  • Expensive

The ER7OS6 is a popular TIG wire that comes with high-level deoxidizers: Manganese and Silicon. It is different from ER7OS2, which is a carbon steel wire. The ER7OS6 is also a very compatible yet reliable welding wire which delivers five-star performance. There is a lot more to discuss in this article, so let’s start!

Supported Processes

The ER70S6 is also a TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) wire. As I discussed earlier, TIG welding includes rods (in which wire is inserted) to fuse metals. It can deal with numerous metals and alloys like nickel, brass, bronze, steel, aluminum, etc. I found this welding wire excellent for home tasks as well as on-site.

Over that, it is compatible with MIG welding too. So you see, there is no difference between ER7OS2 and ER7OS6 in this sense; both are supportive. But I experienced that ER7OS6 is slightly faster in working than ER7OS2, which makes it better for MIG welding in which you’ve to weld thicker metals.

What is ER70S6

Tensile Strength

You already have a good understanding of tensile strength. In comparison, the ER7OS6 comes with greater tensile strength than ER7OS2, making it more reliable. The other element linked with tensile strength is durability; of course, the one with more strength will last longer. The ER7OS6 boasts an 80000 to 90000 Psi tensile strength value, which is beyond belief. It can weld a long list of metals with ease.

What is ER70S6


In this sequence, ER7OS6 is the winner because it comes with 65000 to 75000 Psi yield strength. The value is slightly higher than ER7OS2. I must say both of these items amazingly helped to infuse the desired metals.


In this parameter, both of these welding wires are knitted together. They come with the same density. Again, I cannot just state that it is a demanding density for all kinds of metals. You have to address your desired material and level of skill to deal with the process.


Cost is a dark side of ER7OS6 as it is pricier than ER7OS2. If you’re an entry-level welder tight on the pocket, you should consider an option other than S6 wire. There is no doubt that it performs remarkably, but the price is a little high compared to its competitors.


What is the ER70S6 welding rod used for?

The ER70S6 welding wire is also called TIG wire because it has high Si (silicon) and Mn (Manganese) levels. It is an ideal choice for welding contaminated surfaces. I found it great for engine work.

What is the most common welding wire size?

The welding wire size varies greatly. I suggest you address the material (which metal you’re going to weld) first, then see the American standards for it. However, the typical welding size lies between 0.35 to 0.45.

How do I choose welding wire?

Buying a welding wire is not an easy task. It would be best to consider various factors like compatibility, durability, strength, density, and price. Please identify the metal before spending your bucks on a welding wire.

Which One Is Better?

In the end, we’ve gone through the details of both and found that these two welding wires are promising and deliver jaw-dropping performance. Still, if I have to name one, it would be ER7OS6 because it possesses greater tensile strength and yield value. Plus, it promotes faster welding processes as compared to ER7OS2. With the flip of a coin, if you’re a budget-conscious buyer, then go for ER7OS2!

Happy Welding!

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